Monday, September 8, 2014

Defending Turquoise: in Beta Reads

Defending Turquoise is finished through first draft! As of Sunday the last sentence was written and the polish began Monday. The cover is being developed Down Under and the editor has set aside his time to edit. At this point it's almost all the way out of my hands, depending on what the beta readers come back with.

In order to get the book finished and meet the pre-order deadline, I skipped football the past several weeks and still don't know how the Pack or the Bears did, but I've got those recorded. The problem with football, though, is it eats into time I'd rather spend writing.

At this point the next book has been heavily researched. It's the book that's either going to get me run out of town or have me swimming in Nobel Prizes. We'll have to see.

Tired and overdue for a fresh Starbucks.

Oh, one other thing. Just raised all prices across the board to $3.99, might soon go to $4.99. My books are worth that and I have to pay my bills while I keep the hammer down. Hope my fans understand and support me in this.


Sarah Allen said...

This looks cool! Very exciting :) Love the cover on the side.

Sarah Allen
(writing blog)

John Ellsworth said...

Thanks Sarah, the book is with its editor now and hopefully will publish late next week or just after. Very excited about this one as it's very courtroom intensive and multi-plotted, more of a whodunit for me as compared to my past we-know-whodunit-now-how-do-we-save-their-butt.

Thanks for dropping by!