Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christine Susmann and Her Reincarnation

Some readers have referred to Christine's appearance in later books as her "reincarnation." While I don't personally have any opinions regarding reincarnation, when I first killed her off in Beyond a Reasonable Death LOTS--We're talking BIG LOTS--of my readers sent me correspondence objecting to her death. They loved her, they said, and she was too valuable a character to let go. So...yours truly re-wrote that part of Beyond and Christine, in the re-write, went unharmed. For those earlier adopters of my books with earlier versions, I sincerely apologize if you have been troubled by this. How about letting me send you a complimentary copy of The Mental Case as a way of showing how sorry (but happy) I am that Christine is still with us. Just drop me an email and reference Christine and you will get your copy when the new book is released. Welcome back, Christine!!!

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